*JowoScript Технология и *JowoStyle Технология

Note: JowoUnix Universe is available in *JowoScript Version 0.4.5 above and version 0.4.5 and below no longer can access to version 0.4.5 above from function, object, array, node, etc.

JowoScript Technology and CilukBa Machine No Initial Public Offering (IPO) Status World Wide and The Owner of the JowoScript Technology does not accept any intermediary or intermediary transactions outside of it without the consent of the owner or creator of the JowoScript Technology

How to make MOU look in bahasa indonesia

CilukBa Machine (Based 1958[algorithm] of Technology) version 0.0.00 [under reconstruction] zero to masterpice

CilukBa Machine From Zero to Masterpice

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New version JowoScript Technology version 1.0.2 and New version JowoStyle Technology version 1.0.2
новая версия JowoScript Технология версия 1.0.2 и новая версия JowoStyle Технология версия 1.0.2

Изменение игры

молчание - золото

с нуля до шедевра - Мухаммад Нуркахьо Пратомо - محمد نور شهيو ص

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